About the Show

""It looks like yesterday, but it's not..."

We all seem to have these amazing life stories to share…and Dee Archer is no exception. But this prolific and wide-ranging singer-songwriter also has an original life-soundtrack to go along with hers!  Through the ups and downs of a surprising - sometimes dramatic - yet wild & crazy, positive, hope-filled life, Dee has written songs along the way that perfectly paint the picture of her times. 

 In “Soundtrack From My Crazy Life”,  Dee talks and sings her way brilliantly through a unique family history, and many exciting and unexpected phases of her life that are well worth the telling.  A childhood spent hanging out backstage with the greats of rock ‘n’ roll; rough and tumble, partying musician days of the 1970’s; the glam Los Angeles and NYC music & art scenes of the 80’s, brushes with celebrity and fame – all capped off by a surprising, sudden rise in the "cellular" business - as a highly successful, entrepreneurial mobile technology executive.  Throughout the show, Dee’s passionate, deep, soulful voice and insightful, wry lyrics offer the audience an opportunity for intimate peeks into her “emotions-du-jour” – more than any verbal storytelling alone could possibly convey. Now back to touring and making the music she loves full-time, Dee moves effortlessly on stage between piano and guitar – while also dynamically combining her unforgettable voice with music tracks she and her bands have recorded over the years.  

 The show also includes multi-media images that span several decades.  Dee’s incomparable story-telling style and her original music of multiple genres all weave together with the accompanying videos and photos to pull you close, into a very personal glimpse of a road less traveled.

 Dee Archer: Soundtrack From My Crazy Life” is an eighty-minute journey of love & music that is both universally relatable and uniquely profound.  You will laugh - and you will leave feeling inspired and empowered.

About Dee: